Jimmy Proof

They changed the lock to my front door

Instructions to  the new lock installed after the previous was smashed to bits by a crowbar. 5:30 PM the house where I am living in Robles was broken into and robbed. I SWEAR I had nothing to do with it…

Oh, and Christmas tablecloths are mandatory all year long.


High-tops in the Commercial Jungle: The Life of a Shoe Salesman

by Jim Burke, KF16, Nicaragua

Marcial Salvador selling high-tops

Mercado Oriental spans 60 city blocks and is the largest in Central America. The market is a jungle of stalls, pushcarts, alleyways and low hanging clothes, fruits, and shoes. It’s a full sensory experience that is almost numbing in its frenetic energy. Flies on meats next to sexy new hair products, car parts and phone calls from the same vendor, sweet smells of fresh baked bread and shoe polish, this is where Marcial Salvador sells shoes.

Marcial Salvador has been working in this market in varying capacities for the last 45 years. He is a model borrower at AFODENIC and is on his 4rth Kiva Loan! To read this entry go to the Kiva Stories from the Field Blog!

Stuff Kiva Fellows Like

Compiled by Jim Burke, KF16, Nicaragua

We are Kiva Fellows. This is the stuff we like. Here is an insider (often critical, or satirical but always true!) view of what it means to be a Kiva Fellow and promote access to financial services around the world. From alpaca fur to FSSs to ziplock bags, these are the things we like and thrive on. Read this entry on the Kiva Stories From The Field Blog!

Volcano Faceplants

Last weekend I went Volcano Boarding with Quetzaltrekkers. Volcano boarding is like sledding if sledding means on your face.

Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro outside of Leon, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is famous for its volcanoes.Cerro Negro is the second youngest volcano in the Americas. Because it is relatively recent in  its creation it is just a mount of black volcano dust and ash. Its like a steep sand dune. The black hill  juxtaposes sharply with the surrounding lush green of Nicaragua. The crater and views are amazing and the short trek through the scorching heat of Leon is well worth it.

The Crater

The second time down I was a lot more successful and used a one handed rodeo maneuver to keep myself on the board. Volcano dust is now with me for life. I keep finding the pieces everywhere. I even had the black dust coming out of my eyes this morning. Yes, I highly suggest volcano boarding during a visit to Leon.

Riding in Style