Volcano Faceplants

Last weekend I went Volcano Boarding with Quetzaltrekkers. Volcano boarding is like sledding if sledding means on your face.

Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro outside of Leon, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is famous for its volcanoes.Cerro Negro is the second youngest volcano in the Americas. Because it is relatively recent inĀ  its creation it is just a mount of black volcano dust and ash. Its like a steep sand dune. The black hillĀ  juxtaposes sharply with the surrounding lush green of Nicaragua. The crater and views are amazing and the short trek through the scorching heat of Leon is well worth it.

The Crater

The second time down I was a lot more successful and used a one handed rodeo maneuver to keep myself on the board. Volcano dust is now with me for life. I keep finding the pieces everywhere. I even had the black dust coming out of my eyes this morning. Yes, I highly suggest volcano boarding during a visit to Leon.

Riding in Style